How do I use Drive Mode and Auto-SMS Reply?

With LISTEN’s new Drive Mode and Auto SMS Reply features, we aim to prevent the distractions of texting/talking and driving while you're behind the wheel, keeping you safe on the road.

To use Drive:

1. In the LISTEN app, navigate to the DRIVE tab.

2. Select Automatic Driving Detection and tap the ON button.

Once enabled, the app will automatically detect when you're driving (via speed detection) and will automatically play a voice status message to incoming callers informing them that you're busy and behind the wheel.

To use Auto SMS Reply:

This is an Android-only feature.

1. Tap on the Settings icon (located in the right corner).

2. By default, Auto SMS Reply (to respond to texts) and Auto SMS Response to Incoming Calls are enabled. If either one is off, tap the slider to turn it back on.

3. Tap inside the text box to customize text messages that can auto-reply to both callers and texters when you're on the road.

The Auto SMS Reply feature is also integrated into the Calendar, Recurring and Location sections under the Status tab, allowing you to reply to incoming texts automatically.

Safety first!

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